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How do I attend my Tres Dias Weekend?

If you are interested, complete an application, and be sure to obtain requested signatures.  A husband and wife must complete separate applications.  Then return the applications to your sponsor, who will submit it to the weekend team.  For more joy and purpose in your Christian walk, the Tres Dias weekend could be just what you’re looking for.

Attend a Weekend

Upcoming Weekends 

CSRA Tres Dias # 27                                        

​Men: 6-9 April 2017

Women: 27-30 April 2017


CSRA Tres Dias # 28                                        

​Men:  12-15 Oct 2017

Women:  19-22 Oct 2017

What will I need for my Tres Dias Weekend?

First and foremost, remember, nearly everything needed will be provided for you!  
Please bring for your own comfort:

  • Twin Bedding, blankets or sleeping bag, and your favorite pillow
  • Towels, soap, and toiletries
  • Ear plugs are useful if you are sensitive to night noises
  • Casual clothes such as jeans, t-shirts, etc. NO SHORTS, please
  • Jacket/sweater  (Even if the weather is warm you may need a jacket/sweater indoors!)
  • Ladies note:  Purses are not necessary on the weekend.

Please do not bring valuables and only a small amount of cash in the event you stop for dinner after the weekend on the way home.  We have everything that you may need, with the exception of prescription medications.

There is No Smoking or use of Tobacco products permitted on the campground